Unannounced UE5 project at Tequila Works

Tequila Works https://tequilaworks.com/

My contribution:

Hit n’ Rush

Hit n´ Rush is a third person multiplayer battle royale shooter set in a post-apocalyptic future on planet earth. Choose your character, the Rusher, to compete against other Rushers and fight against the mutants, Rovers. Loot the best weapons and find shelter from the deadly pulse.


My contribution:


Necrognomicon it’s an action-tower defense game, similar to Orcs Must Die, based in the village of Gnomeville where you have to defend critical houses from evil garden gnomes made with Unreal Engine 4.


My contribution:

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Simple spaceship in asteroid field game developed with a custom C++ engine.

https://github.com/amuoz/Asteroids Asteroids

Relaxing Cup

Chill game made in GameJamMadridCrea with the collaboration of a pixel art artist, a game designer and me as gameplay programmer. Made with Unity.


Abandoned Tamagotchis

An experiment made with the purpose of learning Unity UI system. Graphics made by myself with Aseprite. If you played Tamagotchi in the past you should try my weekly game jam 119 for sure!



Zero Baby

My first game ever made with Unreal Engine in 2019 Epic MegaJam. A 3D puzzles game in wich you manipulate a baby with no gravity.