About me


Hi folks! My name is Antonio Muñoz. I’m from Murcia, Spain.

I think the best way to know me better is to take a journey through all those games that are part of who I am. Let’s learn videogame history!

All started at my grandfather’s electronic shop. He was selling fridges, stereos, washing machines.. One day a strange black box appeared in the shop, it was the SEGA Master System with Alex Kidd. Why was I being able to control the TV? My mind literally exploded that day. Alex Kidd was made in 1987, the same year I was born.

Not much later I started playing floppy disc games in MS-DOS on my father’s computer. I still remember Commander Keen and Duke Nukem.

Soon came Sonic, my chilhood favourite game. Since Sonic I have a special attachment to platform games genre and I became a SEGA fan.

Wolfenstein 3D first, then DOOM, Quake. OMFG!! All those monsters, the effects, everything was so inmersive. I still remember launching the LAN cable through the window to play coop with my cousin that was living next to me.

After that I ended up with a demo copy of Starcraft, just a couple of campaign missions, but I falled in love of that speed of gameplay. BEST RTS game ever made!

Cybercafés opened and I played Half life there for the first time. Half life felt different from minute one. It wasn’t just killing enemies, it had an intriguing story behind it. My favourite FPS no doubt. Shortly after that I started playing competetive PvP Counter Strike.

Years later I was deciding about my university career. I wanted to make videogames so I decided to study Computer Science. I met a lot of my closest friends there. Then I started working as web developer. I’ve spent approximately six years developing Java backends, as well as SQL data bases and Javascript fronts, but I always had being a game developer in the back of my mind.

At the end I quit my job and attended a videogame programming master’s degree and finally joined the videogame industry!! For now on I’m just trying to put my skills at players service to make other people feel the same way I have felt.

Lately I have spent A LOT of time playing Sandbox Suvival games. Games like Ark Survival Evolved, The Long Dark, Subnautica and FINALLY tried Minecraft.

I had so much to tell that I ended up writing a full About me extended in my Gnome guts blog. If you want to read more check it out here!

I hope you enjoyed the reading! :D